We worship at 72 Keith Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2JG.

LORD'S DAY: 11am and 6.30pm

THURSDAY: 7.30pm

LORD'S DAY 12.15


Rev M MacInnes 01463 729603 mmacinnes@btinternet.com

Deacon & Church Officer:
Murdo Smith 01851 870 260 murdosmith1947@hotmail.com

Stewart Wilson 01851 860 318 stewarttig@icloud.com

Assessor Elder:
Rev G I Macaskill 01851 703217 georgemacaskill@me.com

Rev G I Macaskill 01851 703217 georgemacaskill@me.com
The Denomination to which the congregation belongs is affectionately called "APC" which stands for Associated Presbyterian Churches. It came into existence in 1989 when it seceded from the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

The APC's constitution consists of the Bible as its Supreme Standard and the Westminster Confession of Faith as its Subordinate Standard.

The congregation is presbyterian which means that all major decisions are taken by the presbytery rather than the local church. There is one Scottish Presbytery – the minister and one elder of each congregation is represented at the Presbytery. There are around six presbytery meetings per year. An appeal can be made to the presbytery from the local Kirk Session (the local congregation's spiritual leadership), where a 'case' may be heard and over-ruled. Again, there can be an appeal from the presbytery up to the Annual Assembly. The Annual Assembly, where representatives from other presbyteries abroad usually attend, is the Supreme Court of the church. There is no appeal from that court. Parties must 'acquiesce' and go along with the ruling of the Supreme Court, but, if parties in conscience feel an injustice has been done, they may appeal to Christ in the Court in Heaven for His Judgment.

Membership in the congregation is either by profession of faith in Christ with a life consistent with that profession, or by transfer with 'Certificate of Membership' from the most recent Christian Church attended. Membership is open to those already baptised and who wish to profess saving faith in Christ for the first time. We accept the baptism performed by other Christian denominations.
There is no 'policing' of members' behaviour, but we do expect that members will live lives, as Paul puts it, "worthy of the gospel of Christ" [Phil 1:27]. We believe Christian conduct ought to be different from the conduct of unbelievers and do not think it is too much to expect true believers to attend public worship regularly or to give sacrificially not only in material things but also of their time and talents.

We have the Lord's Supper four times per year in most congregations. Members should partake of the Supper unless they are backslidden or have been disciplined. Other Christians present are welcome to join us at the Supper, if they are members in good standing with other recognised churches.

We sing the Metrical Psalms unaccompanied which fits in with our Highland culture. We have a Magazine entitled: "The Door" which comes out periodically.

The APC originated in 1989 when nearly half of the ministers in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland left over the Free Presbyterian Church's perceived failure to practise two of the chapters in the Westminster Confession of Faith, viz Liberty of Conscience (chapter 20) and the Communion of Saints (chapter 26). Our whole emphasis, therefore, within the Reformed churches of Scotland is to literally practice fellowship with all Christians and an open pulpit. We allow individuals to make their own decisions on matters not fundamental to the faith. We readily acknowledge that it is not easy to drive a middle course between legalism on the one hand and "licence" to do anything one pleases on the other, but we believe the Bible, allows the individual Christian to decide these issues. We therefore try to allow freedom of conscience and offer a genuine liberty to our members. We like to think we have an emphasis on doctrine without being "doctrinaire" and stress that 'the only rule to direct us' is our Supreme Standard which is the Bible.

There are three developments which our office-bearers have been largely responsible for in the larger and wider work of the church. One is the Blythswood Charity, (Christian Care for body and Soul) which operates a fleet of trucks delivering goods to third world countries, originated with the late Revd John W Ross our former pastor in Lochcarron. This organisation has expanded greatly in recent years.

Another development is the expansion of the publishing company Christian Focus Publications (CFP). The managing director is William MacKenzie in our Inverness congregation and his co-directors are office-bearers in other congregations. William is well-known at home and abroad among authors and publishers.

The third development from our office-bearers is the Highland Theological College (HTC) a faculty of the new University of the Highlands & Islands. Revd Alexander Murray of our Lairg congregation was the Chairman of both the Trustees and Board of Governors, and has played a large part in the emergence of the Christian college.
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