Stornoway APC
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Stornoway is the main town on the Island of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland and has a wonderful history of Religious Revivals. The heritage left by such a privileged past can still be experienced by visitors to the island.

Most of the churches are presbyterian and reformed and almost all are strongly evangelical. Unfortunately, Lewis has not been immune to the factions and ecclesiastical quarrels of the recent past which has led to different denominations being represented on the island.

Island culture is very strong, but visitors to our churches note a distinct depth of spirituality among the Christians. The majority of churches adhere to unaccompanied psalm-singing on the island, but the gospel is warmly preached freely in all the traditional denominations.

Why would you choose to come to Stornoway APC? We are a small church with a warm welcome for visitors, a clear commitment to the best of Reformed tradition and practice, coupled with a strong evangelistic emphasis. In addition, although the APC denomination is small it is lively and active in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blythswood, Christian Focus Publications and the Highland Theological College are all well-known Christian organisations which were founded by office-bearers of APC churches.

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